Solar Powered LED Helps To Light Up The Darkest Places Of The World

Juan Castillo is a 84 year old plantain farmer Esenciales provided a solar lantern to 1 year before this interview. He tells us how the solar lantern has improved his daily life:

To date, Esenciales J.S. SRL has worked in conjunction with functionaries, including Dominican Major League Baseball All-Star Albert Pujols’ Pujols Family Foundation, to provide light to 2,000 people in the Dominican community of Batey Alemán. The team has also successfully lit up the entire village of El Choco, Cabarete amongst others. With the successful funding of the Dominican Light Project Indiegogo campaign, more solar lanterns will be provided to those in the greatest need, and to more families and more children like Rafael, Raul, and his siblings.


For every $25 raised with the Dominican Light Project on Indiegogo, five Dominicans will receive a solar lantern to provide them with a safe source of light. Each lantern will provide 12 hours of bright, LED light per 6-8-hour charge and will eliminate the health and fire risks associated with candles and kerosene lamps. This solution will change the daily lives of each person in each household helped. The Indiegogo link to contribute will go live on Monday morning, May 2; in the meantime to see the impact that campaign contributions will have, please visit the campaign preview page at

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Dominican Light Project run by Esenciales J.S. SRL from Shawn Hakim on Vimeo.

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