Time Lapse Short Film: Young Couple Starts Off Grid Homestead

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Just 3 months ago we arrived on our bare land in the Pacific Northwest. We left behind our city life, sold a business, sold a brand new car and arrived with our possessions, 2 cats and an RV. Follow our journey at http://purelivingforlife.com!

Since arriving we've paved our driveway, dug footing beds for our timber frame barn, made many new friends, installed a septic system, learned to mill our own lumber with an Alaskan chainsaw mill, made the lumber into a hot tub deck, reclaimed an old house and barn, put up a barter flyer and collected lots of building materials, built a small cabin and lastly had our internet installed just yesterday.

We've had our fair share of problems. A record windstorm nearly ruining our RV garage, snow and rain, one cat was disappeared for a few days and was thought to be eaten, generator froze on our coldest day, chimney plugged on Thanksgiving, our iPhone 6 got smashed, car bumper got ripped off and blew a tire on our trailer while hauling 800 bricks on a Saturday (hard to get a fix around here on weekends!).

These videos help us recall all the fun and hard times we've had already and to reflect on them as we work toward being debt free and self sufficient. We have many things to learn and many projects to come, we hope you'll come with us on our journey starting an off grid homestead from scratch. Thanks for watching and please don't forget to like and subscribe! :)

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