This Portable Shower Solution Is Off-the-hook!

With the internet, it seems all new products tend to make it to our screens before they are actually available.  This one is here, already!  The Memowell GS2000WPC Dark MagicShowerhead outdoor shower is available in numerous places.  You can get one on Amazon, among other places.  
No tools required - simply hook up your garden hose to the shower. Once you step onto the platform, the water comes up like a fountain. 22 fine jets spray the water up to 6 to 13ft high (depending on water pressure). The height can be adjusted by a small wheel on the
If you're trying to get warm water, it's pretty easy outside as long as you coil up your hose in the sunshine.  In the Summer of 2012, we had a 1000 foot hose running from the well pump to our camp.  That meant the water was scalding all day long!  Even into the evening, it was nicely heated.  

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