40 Foot Container Home: Small House, Big Space

There are a series of new and amazing smaller homes coming into the marketplace through custom designs that change the scope of thinking about space.  Some of them manage to come up with ideas that are unique and amazing, they find a viral place on the internet, then everyone goes wild with the idea.  Those ideas end up in new model homes a year or two later.  This is the world in which we are living, and changes are happening as fast as we can think them up!  

This unique solar powered shipping container home is built with a combination of a 40 foot and a 20 foot shipping container so that it's bigger than just one.  Additional modules can be added in the future should more space be required.  But is this initial budget phase of creation where less space equals less requirement for energy to heat and cool, and a smaller solar system can suffice.  

This simple office design seems quite ordinary.... until that is... you watch it transform instantly into a bed... and the room takes on a multi-purpose function of office / bedroom.  No longer do you need an extra room for the office, and in a day where everything is paperless, this really works!

Watch the walk through and demonstration of a beautiful home:

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